Piano Lessons in Stittsville and Kanata

Interested in learning to play your favourite songs on a keyboard or piano?

Have you finally decided to muster up the courage to build your self confidence and impress the crowds at evening dinners, local talent pubs or play that piece for your loved one?

Or perhaps you'd like to give the gift of music to your child or grandchild? I'm sure you are here, because you're smart enough to know that music greatly enhances a child's, or for that matter adult's, cognitive, memory and learning abilities? Not only does it provide plasticity to one's own brain, it's also rhythmic and thus mathematically based. Did you also know that Bach wrote his pieces not only rhythmically but also symmetrically from a mathematics point of view?

In any case, now that you're convinced about all the benefits of piano, and wish to rock the night impressing all the men and women around you, here is what I can offer to help you reach that goal: 

Piano Lessons

My usual lessons are 45 minutes each. Although if the student is enthusiastic, it is frequent that I go on for the full hour with wrap up included. (No extra charge at all, as I absolutely love it when children are not watching the clock)

From my experience, until a student is about 7 y.o a 30 minute lesson is more than enough. Though same does not apply for a 10 y.o, as 30 minutes barely scratches the tip of the iceberg at that age. Of course it all depends on the attention span of the specific student, but for best results, I've found in my practice that after 7, if you want to have a solid foundation 45 minutes is the norm.

Music & Theory Lessons

I generally only teach piano, but sometimes, a student wishes to gain a good solid knowledge of music theory before learning to play the violin, the trombone, guitar, the saxophone, flute or any other musical instrument for that matter (yes it is true, it's unbelievable, but you can actually play out sheet music notes on drum sets as well). 

So for these special students I offer music history and theory lessons, where of course I will also teach piano, as it is one of the best instruments to learn the full spectrum and beauty of music. 

What I do not provide:

Is babysitting for an hour of your child or an adult student for that matter. Sorry, but as much as I love kids, I also treat my studio and my vocation as a professional, so students of all ages must come prepared for their lessons - both to learn, and to discover. Additionally, as important as it is to arrive for your appointment on time, it is also just as equally important to finish your lesson and arrange for pickup/have your own transportation towards the end of it. Other student's deserve their appointment time, just as you have enjoyed yours. 

So What are you Waiting for?

Say Hi to Piano Lessons, and discover the beauty of music.


Musically yours, 

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