2012 Fall Stittsville and Kanata Piano Lessons - Registration Update

August 30, 2012

Fall Registration is Now Regrettably Closed Up

Hello fellow musicians and wonderful parents :-) Every year I always hesitate to do this, but it is a necessary evil, and once again I have to close up my registration for Fall of 2012.

As always, I do invite for those looking to still get in touch with me about piano lessons in Stittsville, and let me know, because there are always little changes / activities that get overlapped, so there may be a new slot or two throughout the full year. 

I'm truly grateful for all the interest, as I absolutely love teaching all of my students in their unique ways. 

Thank you once again, I do have a waiting list, so please let me know as soon as you can about your interest to keep your place :-) I always reach out to my list first, if there are any openings in my schedule.


Musically yours, 

say hi ti piano lesson :-)

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