Fall 2012 Enrolment - Piano Lessons in Stittsville and Kanata

August 6, 2012

Fall 2012 - Great News! Limited Spacing is available.


I've been planning out my calendar for the upcoming year in Piano, and using my handy skills in excel and google calendar, I've discovered an opportunity to open up a few lessons in my schedule.


What does it all mean? It means that finally I can take on new students! This is absolutely amazing, as I love to meet new students and shake things up, both from my own teaching status quo, but also to have a greater impact on our community of musicians.


So, what's on offer? After I've rearranged a few lessons here and there, Monday evenings are on offer. Go ahead and say hi to piano lessons in stittsville and get in touch with me to work out a time which works best for you. If Monday for some reason doesn't work, still let me know, as things are still in flux at this time of year, and maybe a session or two can get arranged for some other days.


Looking forward to hearing from all of you :-)


Musically yours,

Tereza - tereza.bakus [at] gmail.com 

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