Stittsville and Kanata Piano Lessons are moving to 153 Whalings Circle :-)

June 15, 2012

Hello again my fellow musicians,

My husband and I were looking for our place for quite a while now, but I didn't want to say anything to anyone, as we weren't sure which place would make the final cut, and whether we'd be able to close the deal. I'm happy to say that we've got a deal and we're moving.

Not to fear, we're still in Stittsville - just not in Granite Ridge anymore. 

My new studio will be at 153 Whalings Circle, Stittsville Ontario. It's right next to the new Sobeys, and right off of West Ridgde Dr. 

5-6 minutes drive away from our current place at 5 Graphite Rd.

I know that some of my students love my current location because they can simply walk to their lessons, but not to fear - it's really not that far and we can work out a new scheduled time in September to accommodate the need for travel.

If you're a new visitor, or just checking out my site, I invite you to browse around, and say hi to piano lessons in stittsville and kanata

So happy to finally have our own place, just the 3 of us, Alex, Cassie and I.

Musically yours,


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