2012 Spring and Summer Update - Stittsville and Kanata Piano Lessons

June 5, 2012

Hi there fellow readers! Wow have I ever been busy with my students, I've gone ahead and almost forgot about my blog. 

Lots of things have happened since my last post - so I won't be able to list them all here, but some major ones are the following:

  • We've had our Winter 2011 Christmas Recital
  • I've had a recital for my Music Academy students in the Spring of 2012
  • My little dear Cassandra turned 1.5 years old 
  • My husband started his own financial services company to help those looking for good local financial advisors at http://www.FinAsk.ca.

Very soon I promise, I will upload my pictures for the 2011 Christmas recital - I know, I know, this is long overdue - but I'm such a newbie with this website/blog stuff.

Oh looks like Cassie want's some attention, better look into it before it becomes something serious.

Musically yours, 


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