Stittsville and Kanata Piano Teacher site success!

August 9, 2011

Hello again everybody,

How do you like my new site? It seems to be working as I've had growing responses the last few days about quotes for my piano teaching in Stittsville and Kanata. I'm so happy to be honest with you, it's looking like my September schedule will be filled up in no time. 

Not only is this good news for me, my husband is also excited that his efforts have not gone unnoticed by the vast sea of websites which offer music lessons on the Internet. He tells me that we rank 2nd or 3rd for piano teacher in Stittsville. Apparently this is good ?!? Anyhow the response rate speaks for itself, so if you do have any comments about the site please leave them below, or say hi to piano lessons and let me know by e-mail. There's also a handy contact form on our page as well. 

In other news, 

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