Kanata and Stittville Piano Lessons moves to a new site!

August 4, 2011

Hello everyone! First of all I wanted to thank all of my students, their parents, and grandparents, for their warm support and encouragement throughout this transition.

I am so excited that my husband finally found some time to re-design my old looking website at http://sites.google.com/a/gala.net/stittsville-piano-lessons/ uhh, I was never happy with it, but it was always being put away as a project for the "indefinite later on", haha, how many times has this happened to you ladies? right?

If you want something done, better do it yourself, or drive them crazy until they do.
Well, my strategy wasn't so drastic, to be honest with you, I was putting it off myself as well, as we've recently had a baby this past December 2010, and I've had to reduce my available class times. It took us some time though, but we are finally in a groove, our daughter is used to us, and we are catching up with all the new little things that she's showing us everyday.

Here's our little bundle of joy, enjoying some backyard sun in a special little pool we got for her.

Cassandra in a Pool; Stittsville and Kanata Piano Lessons







So what does finally getting my website re-done mean for us? Well, I've kept all my great friends and students throughout my pregnancy, taking off a few months of maternity leave, and now I'm ready to show my little girl what a strong woman she needs to be. Well, as they say, teach by example, so I'd like to open up my timetable a little more to invite some more students and share my love of music with them as well. My husband and I worked out a great little arrangement, where we both spend quality time with our little wonder, and both get to enjoy our professional vocations.

To all my new visitors, I want to welcome you to our new site, it's still in development process, but it seems that beta versions are the new status quo these days... You are welcome to explore, and learn about me and my services.

Musically yours,

Tereza <3!

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